First Session

Posted: August 28, 2013 in Sessions & Stats

I am a very lucky lady because I have the best coach and partner in the gym, my husband! With his help, I rocked my first session this morning! Since going to the gym together is a task in itself, we did a few things to help us get out the door on time:

1. We prepared meals for the week (last night).

2. I prepared my gym bag and laid out my office outfit (last night).

3. We woke up early (6AM), ate breakfast and packed lunch.

4. I filled a water bottle to drink on the way to the gym.

We started with some technique and talked about how to effectively focus on the muscle I was working (tricep and some bicep). My max tricep weight was 80 lbs. (and that was at the end of my work out).

My challenge for the day: a variation of the barbell decline with a 45 lb. barbell (example shown below).

triceps extensions

Some takeaways from today’s session:

1). Squeeze the bar like I’m squeezing butter through my fingers.

2). My left arm is not weak.

3). I CAN do this!


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